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All Rise Brewing  Full menu Closed Monday Open 11am or earlier Brewpub. Bring your own food Growler fills available

Attached to the Cobra Lounge. Lots of events including Bikes and Burlesque in the warmers months. Sponsor a three day motorcycle oriented fest each summer. In an area that includes several other breweries. Haven't tried the food but I have seen people eating it and they looked happy! Nice pub food menu.

No longer with bowling but back open in the new District Brew Yards brewpub.

Near westside or West Town, right by Grand Central, Goose Island Taproom, All Rise and On Tour. On Cinco de Mayo the place was absolutely packed. Must be doing something right. Pour your own concept with three breweries showcasing their beers along with a few guests. Wristband kind of thing if you are in to that. Burnt City is resurrected in time for Easter. Twisted Hippo and Around the Bend

Old Irving Brewery will inhabit the space in the future for production an da taproom Production facility only for now. They are building a taproom within the facility and promise to offer one-off brews as well as their core brews. Super nice people. same neighborhood, West Town, as Grand Central and Goose Island taproom both of which are in sight of Finch's. With a new head brewery and totally new graphic I am curious if the beer has improved.

Taproom at the production brewery with lots of space and tours. In the same sphere, walking and shouting distance are Great Central Beer, Finch's(production only), On Tour, and All Rise. Industrial area.

CHICAGO'S FIRST CRAFT-DEDICATED CONTRACT BREWERY Looks like a small, stylish German beer hall. They have 4 of their own brews, German style and a dozen client beers.

This West Loop bar might be 400 or so sq ft. More room behind the bar than in front of it. killer mixed drinks and maybe 2 beers on tap. They will be good ones and a bunch in bottles as well. If you are not claustrophobic I would go here on a visit to Chicago!

New taproom in the West Town area. Lots of breweries congregating in this neighborhood. What I tried was tasty. Need to go back for a better evaluation.

On Tour Brewing  WiFi available Brewery tasting room, may have limited hours. Bring your own food Growler fills available

Taproom and event space with a good collection of brews

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