Pubs in Old Town

Good beer in the German and Belgium styles. Great location for shopping and tasting. Hungry? The largest Whole Foods you will ever see is directly next door. I believe Off Colour is byof so a perfect plan. Of course though, this whole foods has quite a beer selection on tap itself.

“The Best Bar in the World That I Know About.” – Roger Ebert....... Imagine a bar where in the past you could have gone in an talked life with Studs Terkel. This is the place. It's a funky place with a decent beer list and great drinks. No attitude. Right across the street from Second City. The wall art it interesting. Cool place that is worth the effort.

You know Second City. A giant percentage of Saturday Night Live cast members have come from here staring with John Belushi, Bill Murray, Bill Farley and Tina Fey. They have several theatres in this complex and a bar, the 1959 Club that has beer, imagine that? The comedy is as good as you'll get and a great local craft beer with your comedy? What could be better. It is always a good visit when you go to Second City.

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