Pubs in Fulton River District

Ballast Point was the leader of the craft beer market, sells to big beer and gets stuck in the mud. For me a big disappointment. Lots of beers to try, good looking food, great space in a great location. Let's hope the big beer figures it out and get BP back on track. News is that Ballast Point has sold for pennies on the dollar to a local group.

Brewpub from celebrity chef (Rick Bayless). great beer, great food

There are 3 1/2 Emporiums in Chicago. Wicker Park, Logan Square and Fulton Market. Good Beer selection and loads of arcade games. Big spaces with music, and other events. All in the middle of busy commercial areas. Fulton Market is one of the hottest areas to eat and drink in Chicago at the moment. Great great food, Cruz Blanca and Ballast Point Breweries real close and a few other breweries a short hop away.

Older brewery, always a crowd, food, poetry, beer and more. Try the beer go elsewhere to eat because in that neighborhood you have some of the best food in Chicago all within walking distance. The Haymarket refers to the area but more specifically the Haymarket Riots which were a large part of the birth of the labor movement. Look it up and learn!

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