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In these lockdown times there are still ways to partake in the Chicago beer scene. Most bottle shops, taprooms and breweries are offering curbside takeaway service. Order in advance and pickup from the locations. Pubs with a kitchen are offering takeway foods. Liquor stores are open on a store by store basis. Most transactions are credit card only. Anything you can do to keep the hospitality business in business is a good step for the future of the industry. We have no clue how long it will last but plan on it being later rather than sooner. Let's all help each other in a safe way.

18th Street Brewery  David Honorable Mention Full menu WiFi available Children friendly Brewpub. New entry in the Guide in 2020 Dog friendly Bottle shop

Just a short ride outside of Chicago in NW Indiana is 18th Street Brewery. Super talented brewers with a kitchen to match. Close to 50 breweries in Chicago proper but if you choose just outside the number almost triples. Next door is their distillery. I believe Sour Note Brewing, also in Hammond Indiana is related to 18 St. Make the trip, you'll not be disappointed. Can also combine with a stop at Three Floyds in Munster, Indiana. Fairly close by.

friendly in many ways. staff is cheerful and informative, children are welcome and your dog is welcome. cats? maybe..... The beer is not quite my style but that does not seem to hurt business. A lot of malt forward beers that are well constructed but not my thing. Probably yours or at least someone you know. Check it out.

All Rise Brewing  Full menu Closed Monday Open 11am or earlier Brewpub. Bring your own food Growler fills available

Attached to the Cobra Lounge. Lots of events including Bikes and Burlesque in the warmers months. Sponsor a three day motorcycle oriented fest each summer. In an area that includes several other breweries. Haven't tried the food but I have seen people eating it and they looked happy! Nice pub food menu.

Alulu Brewery and Pub  David Honorable Mention Full menu WiFi available Brewpub. Dog friendly Bottle shop Growler fills available On the To Do List

One of the best breweries to visit during the pandemic(and summer). They have engineered outdoor drinking and eating to adapt to Chicago winters. Enormous, expansive outdoor seating area, reasonable safe protocol, and a large menu of beer and food. As they share the area with a sushi restaurant, the food choices double. Make the trip, it's well worth it. Small two storied brewpub in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. They make their beer onsite on the second floor and for a small operation they make some great lagers, saisons, IPAs and others. Food is very good with daily specials. As with many breweries, time has made Alulu a great brewery as they have gotten beer brewing down to an art.

This is a combination of Hamburger Mary's and Andersonville Brewery. Separate storefronts but you can get the food and the brewery and the beer and the restaurant. Thinking drag queens and beer? Hamburger Mary's has been a staple in San Fran for years and Andersonville for quite a while as well. Good beer and good food in a great location. Try it!

liquor store with an excellent beer selection and very good wine collection. if you are looking to take some beer with and happen to be in Andersonville this is the place to go.

do not know much about this place. gets good reviews on yelp. will update soon.

The Bad Apple  David Honorable Mention Full menu WiFi available Children friendly Has an unusual or regional beer on tap.

Excellent sandwiches, burgers, salads with tasty vegan and veggie options. 25 taps which change with good consistency.

Ballast Point was the leader of the craft beer market, sells to big beer and gets stuck in the mud. For me a big disappointment. Lots of beers to try, good looking food, great space in a great location. Let's hope the big beer figures it out and get BP back on track. News is that Ballast Point has sold for pennies on the dollar to a local group.

Now Cultivate which is an offshoot of Forbidden Root Michelin Starred Restaurant and unusual but excellent brewery

Local pub just north of Lakeview with an admirable beer selection, food people come in for and a staff that knows their stuff.

Beermiscuous  WiFi available Children friendly Bring your own food

Like a coffee shop but with a very good beer selection. Bring kids and food, hang out drink beer

Beer Temple  WiFi available Children friendly Has an unusual or regional beer on tap. Bring your own food Bottle shop

Bottle shop and taproom built in. Very good eclectic selection -- the taproom is spacious with room to the side for gatherings. Good rotating selection of beers on tap. The bottle shop will provide something for everyone. Always out of towners stocking up before they for back to Iowa or wherever.....

Begyle Brewing  WiFi available Brewery tasting room, may have limited hours. Dog friendly Bring your own food Bottle shop Growler fills available

Friendly neighborhood brewery on what they call Chicago's Malt Row. 100m from Dovetail Brewery and many others in the vicinity. Bring the dog, lunch and/or friends.....Lots of seating..

Binny's  Open 11am or earlier Specializes in Belgian Beers Specializes in Czech/Slovak Beers Specializes in Italian Beers Specializes in British Beers

really dislike posting big chains but in this case Binny's does an amazing job trying to keep everything in inventory.

Bitter Pops A David top pick  WiFi available Children friendly Open 11am or earlier Dog friendly Has an unusual or regional beer on tap. Bring your own food Bottle shop Growler fills available

Bottle shop with a small pub built in. Very good selection. Dog and child friendly

BiXi Beer  Full menu WiFi available Children friendly Open 11am or earlier Brewpub. Has an unusual or regional beer on tap. Growler fills available

Large rooftop deck makes this an option in these times. I have read that a brewer from Three Floyds has taken over the responsibilities. Will report back. Have not tried the food but on a recent bicycle ride stopped in and they were nice enough to let me sample many of their beers. In wine and beer reviews you see ingredients and flavors that we never taste. Bixi's beers showcased each and every flavor and ingredient they advertised in the beer. If they said cardamom, you tasted it. I will make it a point to go back and do some serious tasting!

Another brewery that learned on the go. When they first opened BB offered a few good but not spectacular on premise beers. The pandemic allowed them to catch up in their brewing and the beer has improved as has the selections. Large patio area and byof.

No longer with bowling but back open in the new District Brew Yards brewpub.

Liquor store in a strip mall with an unassuming look that carries one of the best selections of craft beers in Chicago and elsewhere. I am talking about a selection even the big guys cannot match. Worth a visit!

Five Star Bar has a good selection of mostly local draft beer, very good bar food and plenty events including motorcycle mondays in the spring, summer and fall. Funky place in another neighborhood full of great food and drink of many cuisines and styles. Forbidden Root Brewery is a short walk to the west.

Brewpub from celebrity chef (Rick Bayless). great beer, great food

Near westside or West Town, right by Grand Central, Goose Island Taproom, All Rise and On Tour. On Cinco de Mayo the place was absolutely packed. Must be doing something right. Pour your own concept with three breweries showcasing their beers along with a few guests. Wristband kind of thing if you are in to that. Burnt City is resurrected in time for Easter. Twisted Hippo and Around the Bend

Few places where you can sit steps from the beach and get some food and a good drink. Not the best beer selection but you will find something you want to drink and the food is edible. Super nice staff. Open in the spring summer and fall meaning it it closed most of the year. Let's call it May thru September. Lots of times music in the evenings.

Dovetail Brewing  WiFi available Children friendly Brewery tasting room, may have limited hours. Dog friendly Bring your own food Specializes in German Beer Bottle shop Growler fills available

German themed brewery in what is known as Malt Row. Steps from Begyle Brewery, both with different focuses makes the trip to one better when you also visit the other. A super short walk from Brown Line stop on Irving Park. Close by Jerry's Lincoln Square, Bad Apple and Half Acre Lincoln Avenue.

DryHop Brewers  Full menu Open 11am or earlier Brewpub. Growler fills available

Nice space with food and beer, affiliated with Corridor

Dog and kid friendly taproom, byof and they sell their own beer to go in bottles, cans, and growlers.

There are 3 1/2 Emporiums in Chicago. Wicker Park, Logan Square and Fulton Market. Good Beer selection and loads of arcade games. Big spaces with music, and other events. All in the middle of busy commercial areas. Fulton Market is one of the hottest areas to eat and drink in Chicago at the moment. Great great food, Cruz Blanca and Ballast Point Breweries real close and a few other breweries a short hop away.

There are 3 1/2 Emporiums in Chicago. Wicker Park, Logan Square and Fulton Market. Good Beer selection and loads of arcade games. Big spaces with music, and other events. All in the middle of busy commercial areas. Logan Square has 1 1/2 spaces. Both large but one is an event or pop up space. Check website for events. Nothing on tap at the main room in Logan Square but amazing collection of cans and bottle plus ciders. Wicker Park does have a draft list.

There are 3 1/2 Emporiums in Chicago. Wicker Park, Logan Square and Fulton Market. Good Beer selection and loads of arcade games. Big spaces with music, and other events. All in the middle of busy commercial areas.

Women owned beer and cider pub. Interesting mix of cider and beer cocktails. People rave about the food and the cider is in many of the breweries I visit.

Have not been here yet. Beer listing seems to be heavy into local breweries. Daily specials and open Mondays. Big food menu. Location is right by lots of other places to drink and eat.

Have not been here yet. On the cusp of Wicker Park and Ukrainian Village. Beer listing seems to be heavy into local breweries. Daily specials and open Mondays. Big food menu. Location is right by lots of other places to drink and eat.

Old Irving Brewery will inhabit the space in the future for production an da taproom Production facility only for now. They are building a taproom within the facility and promise to offer one-off brews as well as their core brews. Super nice people. same neighborhood, West Town, as Grand Central and Goose Island taproom both of which are in sight of Finch's. With a new head brewery and totally new graphic I am curious if the beer has improved.

Loads of taps with an ever changing menu. Food is edible but beer list is great. Lots of local beers with a good smattering of harder to find not so local ones. Lots of sports on teevees. Walking distance from downtown chicago. If you are in town for a convention or just want to go one place to check out Chicago's beer scene this could be a choice.

NOW CLOSED. Will be missed. Great bottle shop with pub next door. Good looking food and a creative beer collection. One of the few places you can get vintage Belgium bottles.

Botanical Brewery with eclectic food. Seem to do a lot of collaborations especially with Collective Arts. Really good beer and in a neighborhood loaded with restaurants, shops and other places to get a drink. Across the street from Alcala's one of the best western shops you will find that is not in the west. Want boots and beer.?

NOW CLOSED. Neighborhood pub/restaurant with great selection of beers and Scotch whiskies. Great rooftop deck.

Ever see a pub packed at 6am with cheering crowds inside? The Globe Pub is such a place. If you want to catch your favorite European soccer team with a bunch of like minded folks, this is the place. Plus 47 beers on tap with a great collection of locals ones and surprisingly good food. Check out the burgers. Super convenient to public transportation.

Goose Island Brewery  Full menu WiFi available Children friendly Open 11am or earlier Brewpub. Growler fills available

1st brewpub in Chicago now big beer but still good.

Taproom at the production brewery with lots of space and tours. In the same sphere, walking and shouting distance are Great Central Beer, Finch's(production only), On Tour, and All Rise. Industrial area.

CHICAGO'S FIRST CRAFT-DEDICATED CONTRACT BREWERY Looks like a small, stylish German beer hall. They have 4 of their own brews, German style and a dozen client beers.

Great pub with a well curated selection of mostly local beers on draft that sometimes go outside the box. Bottles and cans list is astounding. Friendly vibe and do not forget to bring your dog! Well worth the visit.

Organic brewery inside a high end coffeeshop/restaurant called Uncommon Ground. Nearest brewpub to Wrigley Field.

Half Acre Beer Co - Balmoral  David Honorable Mention Full menu WiFi available Children friendly Closed Monday Brewpub. Dog friendly Bottle shop Growler fills available On the To Do List

Larger facility than Lincoln Avenue with extensive menu and great beer. Address is for the front of the building but entrance is around the back. Big outdoor garden for the summer months (dog friendly)and comfy child friendly inside for all year round(not dog friendly). Right around the corner from Spiteful. A favorite brewery of mine.

Sadly the original home of Half Acre Brewery has closed down after 13 years and all the operations have be moved to the Balmoral facility a few miles north. The good news is that Hop Butcher Brewery will be taking over the space and opening their first brick and mortar facility.

This is a combination of Hamburger Mary's and Andersonville Brewery. Separate storefronts but you can get the food and the brewery and the beer and the restaurant. Thinking drag queens and beer? Hamburger Mary's has been a staple in San Fran for years and Andersonville for quite a while as well. Good beer and good food in a great location. Try it!

Older brewery, always a crowd, food, poetry, beer and more. Try the beer go elsewhere to eat because in that neighborhood you have some of the best food in Chicago all within walking distance. The Haymarket refers to the area but more specifically the Haymarket Riots which were a large part of the birth of the labor movement. Look it up and learn!

Taproom in trendy neighborhood.

Hopleaf Bar  David Honorable Mention Full menu WiFi available Has an unusual or regional beer on tap. Specializes in Belgian Beers Specializes in Czech/Slovak Beers Specializes in German Beer Specializes in Italian Beers

Before you could get a selection at most places Hopleaf was the place to go. Started off as one the best beer centric bars in Chicago way before the craft beer thing. Specializing in Belgian beer they then opened a Belgian restaurant which ultimately expanded to another open storefront. Good food, great beers. Belgian beers rule here. Do not bring the kids because they do not not allow them at anytime. Still as good as ever,,,,

Brewpub off the beaten path but worth the ride

They make beer and self distribute it. The URL provided directs you as to where to get some.....

Jerry's   Full menu WiFi available Children friendly

Now closed. Was a Grateful Dead themed sandwich shop with a great collection of beers. shawarma!

Jerry's  Full menu WiFi available Children friendly Open 11am or earlier Has an unusual or regional beer on tap.

Grateful Dead themed sandwich shop with a great collection of beers. Located in Lincoln Square, right on the square. Very child friendly. Great Food!

Appears to be a Michigan based emerging brewery chain that has now located in the Hyde Park neighborhood which was home to Barack Obama and still home to the University of Chicago.

Bills itself as the second oldest liquor license in Chicago. Great old space where you can watch the game and drink some good beers. The selection is heavily weighted in locals brews. It's BYOF and there are several options steps in many directions. It is walkable from the downtown area, museum campus, and Soldiers Field.

Open fore now but look for their move to a new space with brewing and a taproom towards the beginning of nest year. Somehow have missed this place. Been in this off the beaten path(and down the alley) location for 8 plus years. It is a bottle shop and production facility. they make an IPA but the specialty appears to be wilds and sours, stouts and Belgian styles. I sampled a couple of their beers and all were delicious. Make your way over there and buy some beer. Also available in beer shops.

Neighborhood pub, dog friendly and good selection of beers. Great place to hang out, bring your own dog, bring your own food!

Local Option Bierwerker  Full menu WiFi available Brewpub. Has an unusual or regional beer on tap. Specializes in Belgian Beers Specializes in Czech/Slovak Beers Specializes in German Beer Growler fills available

Neighborhood bar/brewpub in a space where you not expect it. Specialize in German style beers but their guest list is well thought out with good variety. Kitchen closed on Monday. Menu looks great!

Lo Rez Brewing  David Honorable Mention WiFi available Closed Monday Brewery tasting room, may have limited hours. Dog friendly Bring your own food Growler fills available

Taproom/Gallery/Event Space. Great beer no IPA's

Brewpub in a nice green industrial space. Lots of ipa variety and others.

The Map Room  WiFi available Open 11am or earlier Specializes in Belgian Beers Specializes in German Beer Specializes in British Beers

Travel themed pub. One of the first to have a giant selection of domestic and foreign beers going back to the 90's, that would be 1990's. A cafe in the morning. Alcohol served after 11am. Use to have free food on tuesdays each week focusing on a different country. Worth the journey.

Brand new just opened this second location for Marz Brewing. will update as soon as I visit which will be soon. In Bucktown neighborhood though they advertise Logan Square.

Marz Community Brewing A David top pick  David Honorable Mention Full menu WiFi available Closed Monday Brewpub. Bottle shop Growler fills available

Brewpub with creative brews and a great space well worth the extra effort to visit. Lots and lots of creative beers with an emphasis on combining interesting ingredients. In the vicinity of White Sox Park in the Bridgeport neighborhood. Good light menu as well. In the process of opening a Bucktown location.

This West Loop bar might be 400 or so sq ft. More room behind the bar than in front of it. killer mixed drinks and maybe 2 beers on tap. They will be good ones and a bunch in bottles as well. If you are not claustrophobic I would go here on a visit to Chicago!

Metropolitan Brewing  David Honorable Mention WiFi available Children friendly Dog friendly Bring your own food Specializes in German Beer Bottle shop Growler fills available

Taproom with really nice space, specializing in German style beers.

New taproom in the West Town area. Lots of breweries congregating in this neighborhood. What I tried was tasty. Need to go back for a better evaluation.

Neighborhood bar bought up and turned into a neighborhood bar. Did not change much. Good collection of beer on tap and in bottles and cans. Great music regularly and usually for free and if they charge it is not for much. Twisted Hippo is across the street.

New location! Upscale brewpub with unique brews and food to pair with them. Worth the visit. Expanded and upscale food menu. Do not fail to order the chocolate cake. Moved from Pilsen to the old Baderbrau building in the way south loop, china town, mccormick place area. into Culinary Brewing: Culinary brewing rests on three principles: Sourcing the highest quality ingredients. Understanding how best to handle those ingredients to showcase flavors and aromatics. Knowing when during the brewing process to incorporate these ingredients

Has been taken over by Duneyrr Brewery know for the wine/beer hybrdis. Good stuff! Taproom with a variety of their own brewed on premises beers. Near McCormick Place Convention Center. Bring your own food.

Pour your own taproom. Never have been there but I believe you get a wristband and drink to your heart's content. Then you cash out at the end of the visit.

The Northman is a cider bar. Focusing on ciders you will get a selection unlike most anywhere else. Beers are plentiful too. A big draw is the food. Very good. In the same sphere as the Bad Apple and Half Acre's Lincoln location. Want pizza? Lou Malnati's is right there too.

Good beer in the German and Belgium styles. Great location for shopping and tasting. Hungry? The largest Whole Foods you will ever see is directly next door. I believe Off Colour is byof so a perfect plan. Of course though, this whole foods has quite a beer selection on tap itself.

Large space that brews in house with good food and pretty good beer. Kid friendly, sports on TV, and friendly staff. Went back a second time and was impressed with the variety of the beer list.

“The Best Bar in the World That I Know About.” – Roger Ebert....... Imagine a bar where in the past you could have gone in an talked life with Studs Terkel. This is the place. It's a funky place with a decent beer list and great drinks. No attitude. Right across the street from Second City. The wall art it interesting. Cool place that is worth the effort.

On Tour Brewing  WiFi available Brewery tasting room, may have limited hours. Bring your own food Growler fills available

Taproom and event space with a good collection of brews

Brewpub by Horse Thief on far south side of Chicago with good collection of beer and foods.

Dropped in to taste a beer or two and left happy. It is getting cold in Chicago and I tend not want to be indoors around anyone I do not know. Getting too cold to sit outside. This place takes all the precautions and then some. Felt a strange sense of security in a world sorely lacking. Now to the beer! Appears to be a lot of natural ingredients brewed ito table beer, saison style.s Super tasty and there is a food menu that is just as eclectic. Will report back.

Pizza and Beer Brewpub and does well at both. (started by a member of Cheap Trick)

Pilot Project Brewing  David Honorable Mention WiFi available Children friendly Open 11am or earlier New entry in the Guide in 2019 Brewpub. Dog friendly Has an unusual or regional beer on tap. Bottle shop Growler fills available

Since Pilot Project has opened they have upped their game considerably. Great and unique brews, successfully have dealt with the pandemic so far, and retained a great staff. Support local beers and make sure Pilot Project is on your list. Can't make it? Find their brands in stores. Pilot Project, Brewer's Kitchen, Dutchbag Brew Co., Lunas Bay, plus collabs and more. From Pilot Project Brewing "Pilot Project Brewing is a brewery incubator and tasting room based in Logan Square, Chicago. With a bright, west coast, french industrial inspired tasting room to compliment a meticulously designed brewing space, our brewery fosters experimental, small-batch brews and acts as a collaborative brewing incubator to the beer industry. Stop by any day of the week for a brew, locally roasted coffee, and small bites."

Neither brewpub or taproom a bottle shop with some of Chicago's best brews, both their own and others.

Soak in a beer bath while maybe drinking a beer? Here is where you can do that. Best let them describe it............... ............... ............... ............... ............... ............... ............... ............... Safe for all ages
 BENEFITS OF BEER SOAKS • Improves damaged skin  ◦ Extracts of hops, barley, and brewer’s yeast contain polyphenols  that have anti-oxidant properties that help prevent and alleviate oxidative damage of cells, lipids and DNA.
 • Exfoliates, softens, and improves elasticity of skin ◦ Hops are filled with antioxidants which give beer anti-inflammatory properties. Brewer’s yeast found in beer can make skin softer to the touch. The amount of alcohol in the beer has anti-bacterial properties. The vitamins found in beer have been shown to help maintain PH balance of the skin.
 • Helps clear skin and acne  ◦ Barley contains Epidermal Growth Factor. Along with the moisturizing properties, it can help clear skin.
 • Hydrates skin  ◦ B vitamins, saccharides, yeast, and hops in the mixture help hydrate and condition the skin 
 • Conditions hair and has been shown to stimulate thinning hair ◦ Proteins found in beer add weight and shine without taking away the natural shine of hair and has even been shown to stimulate thinning hair growth.
 Relaxing The smell of hops has been shown to be a natural sleep aid. Absorbing it typically creates a relaxed feeling

Great little wine, beer and liquor shop. Most likely the best selection in the Loop and S Loop area.Check it out.

Suburban Highloan Park brewery that has opened and full facility with kitchen on the edge of Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood. Some good brews and good looking food. Nice outdoor area.

From what I have been told, if you want a great selection in Boystown it was not easy. It is now. Lots of taps, bottles and cans, craft cocktails and a whole lot of arcade games. Right in the heart of Boystown. 26 taps with a bunch of beer and shots combos.

Arcade with Beer. Great Lakeview location, by Sheffields and a whole lot of other places and in the shadows of Wrigley Field(less than a mile). All the arcade games you could want and alcohol. PErfect mix.

German Bier and German Food. A couple of German folks I know love this place. Give it a try. Close by to The Globe, Half Acre, Bad Apple and a bunch of other places not in the guide.

Taproom and event space. For me a bigger and better version of their Milwaukee Avenue brewpub. Big space with a lot of offerings on tap and it's byof. Order in or bring it in. Inside bicycle parking is a plus!

Brewpub with great food and one of Chicago's favorite spots. The also have a spot at 3340 N Kedzie Ave. which is a large comfy beer hall with indoor bike parking and a full saelection of their beers!

Like Juicy IPA's? Thick milkshake like stouts? Go to many of Chicago's bottle shops and pick up some St. Errant beers. Basically a one man operation that produces the juiciest of the juiciest IPA's and thickest stouts anywhere on the planet. No taproom as of yet but the Green Lady pub on Lincoln Avenue always has it on tap as may the Beer Temple. Worth the effort.

You know Second City. A giant percentage of Saturday Night Live cast members have come from here staring with John Belushi, Bill Murray, Bill Farley and Tina Fey. They have several theatres in this complex and a bar, the 1959 Club that has beer, imagine that? The comedy is as good as you'll get and a great local craft beer with your comedy? What could be better. It is always a good visit when you go to Second City.

Very good beer selection / OK food. Lots of youth in a large space. Good for before and after a cubs game as it is right down the street.

Neighborhood pub with good food and small but well thought out beer list. Good food, great beers

opening soon

NOW CLOSED. Think meat and beer. Small but great beer menu and great food. Burger with brisket on top and other great things to eat

Spiteful Brewing  David Honorable Mention WiFi available Children friendly Brewery tasting room, may have limited hours. Dog friendly Bring your own food Bottle shop Growler fills available

Taproom with great beers and around the corner from Half Acre. Always worth the trip. Not so sure how to find their tap list but I will.

old school Chicago corner bar updated. it used to feature the drunk of the month, a polaroid of someone passed out at the bar, framed, now it features a fairly well selected variety of beers including hand drawn. nice restored old wood bar, good food, a giant outdoor seating area and friendly staff.

Their facility burned to the ground but they have come back as part of District Brew Yards. Food and drinks. Eclectic selection of brews. Food looks good. All-inclusive pricing. That means what you see is what you pay, so there's no need to tip. Prices include the government’s cut and provide fair living wages, health insurance, and other benefits for staff. Although additional, gracious gratuity is not expected, it is always appreciated!

Une Année / Hubbards Cave  David Honorable Mention Full menu WiFi available Children friendly Closed Tuesday Brewpub. New entry in the Guide in 2020 Has an unusual or regional beer on tap. Specializes in Belgian Beers Bottle shop On the To Do List

Great Brewery, actually two in one. Une Année captures the essence of what Belgium beer is as good or better than anywhere I have been. Hubbard's Cave includes IPA's and Stouts to name but a couple. Always worth the journey and the journey from Chicago is about to get a bit shorter as the move to a new facility is imminent. This is the first brewery/taptroom included in this Chicago guide because it is worth the effort. In addition to the taproom there will now be barbecue centric food. Huge list of beers to go. Make the effort. You will be glad you did.

Formerly Urban Renewal Brewery is a growing entity that produces some very tasty brews. Over the summer of 2020 they had two small tables set out for onsite tasting. Now they have taken over Koval Distillery's space and opened a full Brewpub. Great beers and great people! Check it out!


Village Tap  Full menu WiFi available Has an unusual or regional beer on tap.

Bar and Restaurant with great beer selection and good food. Nice comfortable place to drink and eat well. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Plenty of parking. Local sports on TV

Organic and Creative Brewpub out of the way but worth the effort. Pasties and pizzas, great beer with best can designs in the city -- think cats…..

Meadery in the Auburn Gresham area of Chicago. Off the beaten path but most likely worth checking out.