WiFi available

WiFi is available in the following pubs.

The Bad Apple  David Honorable Mention Full menu WiFi available Has an unusual or regional beer on tap.

Excellent sandwiches, burgers, salads with tasty vegan and veggie options. 25 taps which change with good consistency.

Like a coffee shop but with a very good beer selection. Bring kids and food, hang out drink beer

Neighborhood pub/restaurant with great selection of beers and Scotch whiskies. Great rooftop deck.

Neighborhood pub, dog friendly and good selection of beers. Great place to hang out, bring your own dog, bring your own food!

Travel themed pub. Alcohol served after 11am.

Marz Community Brewing  David Honorable Mention Full menu WiFi available Closed Monday Brewpub. Brewery tasting room, may have limited hours. Bottle shop

Brewpub with creative brews and a great space worth the extra effort to visit.

Large space that brews in house with good food and pretty good beer.